Cancer Treatment

Cancer also called malignancy, is an abnormal growth of cells. There are more than 100 types of cancer. Cancer is one of the major causes of death in the world. Proper Cancer Treatment after diagnosis is important for faster recovery.

Symptoms vary as per type of cancer. There are variety of treatment options as per the type.


1 Abnormal Periods

2 Changes in bathroom habits

3 chronic coughing

4 chronic headache

5 Difficulty in swallowing

6 Frequent fevers

7 stomach pain

8 unusual lumps

9 wight loss

10 skin changes

11 pain last long


Early stage diagnosis helps in better cure and recovery from cancer.

In most cases, the disease is diagnosed while treatment of another disease. Cancer diagnosis is done thorough physical exam with complete medical history.

Test of blood, urine, and stool can detect abnormalities that may indicate cancer.

Imaging tests are done to determine the cancer’s location and size

Cancer is confirmed from a biopsy test performed. In This test a tissue sample is removed from the tumor. The taken sample is studied under a microscope to check the cancer cells.

The most common ways of cancer treatment are give below:


Surgically removal of much of the cancer parts.


Medications uses are toxic to cells to kill dividing cancer cells.

Radiation Therapy

Use of Powerful, beams of radiation is done to kills the cancer cells.

Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone marrow transplant repairs the diseased cells. The transplants allow doctors to use higher doses of chemotherapy to treat the cancer.

Immunotherapy (Biological Therapy)

Antibiotic uses for the treatment to kill cancer cells.

Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are studies to investigate new ways of treating cancer. Thousands of cancer clinical trials are in the process.

Various treatments are available, depending on the type of cancer.

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