Health Benefits of Banana

There are numerous health benefits of banana. Bananas are extremely healthy and delicious.

Banana helps to reduce swelling. It also prevents form type 2 diabetes and aid in weight loss. Banana consumption strengthens nervous system and helps to produce white blood cells in the body.

Bananas Contain high level of Vitamin B6 and high in anti-oxidant. Bananas are good for your heart. They are packed with potassium and hence good for your heart. Also they protect form high blood pressure.

Bananas can be helpful in overcoming depression “due to high levels of tryptophan present in them.

Vitamin B6 present can help you sleep well, and magnesium helps to relax muscles.

Additionally, the tryptophan in them is good for its sleep-inducing properties. Banana helps in Digestion.

Bananas are high in fiber. One banana provides nearly 10 percent of your daily fiber requirement. Another health benefit of banana is on our healthy vision. Bananas Keep our eye healthy and improves vision.

Due to calcium content in them, they also keeps our bone strong and healthy.

Moderate consumption of bananas may be protective against kidney cancer. They are helpful in cancer because of their high levels of antioxidant phenolic compounds.

One banana has nearly 105 calories and consists almost exclusively of water and carbs. Bananas hold very little protein and almost no fat.

A medium-sized banana has about 3 grams of fiber, making bananas a fairly good fiber source.

Potassium is essential for blood pressure control and healthy kidney function.

As a good dietary source of potassium, bananas may be especially beneficial for maintaining healthy kidney.

Bananas are often referred to as the perfect food for athletes largely due to their mineral content and easily digested carbs. Eating bananas help to reduce exercise-related muscle cramps and soreness.

Health benefits of banana are amazing.

Health Risks

If Eaten in moderate quantity, there are no side effects associated with eating bananas. However, eating the fruits in excess may trigger headaches and sleepiness.

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