Lipoma is a fatty lump most often situated between the skin and underlying muscle layer. They are slow growing and usually harmless. In rare cases, they can be cancerous. Some people have multiple lipomas in their bodies.

Lipomas are found just under the skin and move easily when pressure is applied. They commonly occur in neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, arms and thighs.
These doesn’t require necessary treatment , but if the lipoma is bothersome, painful or growing, surgical removal may be required.

lipoma causes

As per Doctors ,reasons behind these lumps is not known and no proper cure is availalbe in any country. But It is predicted to have due consumption of unhealthy oil, fat and unhealthy lifestyle.

Doctors just suggest some precautions to take to slow down the growth and prevent growing new such fatty lumps. But No doctors has been able to figure out the proven causes so far.

When the lumps grow in size ,it becomes a concern and patient become anxious. It’s growth in size affects the appearance of patients. In many cases, require removal of these lumps which have grown a lot in size. As because these grow in Multiple numbers ,removal of each of them becomes expensive and painful.

Lipoma cure

Some patients have seen a remarkable change in their health and size of the fatty lumps. patients have found that, reduction in fat intake and proper exercise reduces the size and number of lumps in the body.
A minimum of 30-45 minutes exercise is required to be done on daily basis depending upon the number and size of these lumps in the body.

Exercise must include some cardio and core exercises to burn the body fat faster and maintain a good health. One can find various exercise videos online which when followed and continued, the severity of lipoma can be minimized.

Many researches have shown that stopping alcohol intake and quitting smoking have shown better results in improving the health of patients suffering from lipoma.

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