Muharram is the first month of Islamic Calendar. The Tenth Day of Muharram is also known for mourning, on this day Imam Hussain Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad was martyred. Imam Hussain’s and his relatives’ death is mourned among the Muslim community on this day.

Muharram is celebraed as a festival all over the world. Muharram is an islamic festival that begins after the sighting of the new moon on the final day of the Islamic calendar.
Both Shia and sunni Muslims celebrate the festival but in a different way. For Shia Muslims, it is a day of observance and hence, they mourn for the ten days. They organise and attend meetings at mosques, prefer to dress in black. On the 10th day of Muharram, street processions take place where shia muslis walk barefoot, chanting and whipping their chests until it draws blood to remember the sufferings of Imam Hussain.

On the another hand Sunnis observe this day by fasting, they also organise processions of tajiah(monuments & symbols of mostque) and goals (islamic flag).

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August 28, 2020