Teacher’s Day

Teachers’ Day is a special day for the appreciation of teachers, and may also include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in imparting education in a specific field.

In India , 5th September is celebrated as Teachers’ Day as a mark of tribute for the contribution made by teachers to the society.

5th September is the birth anniversary of a great teacher Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a staunch believer of education and was a well-known diplomat, scholar, the President of India and above all, a teacher.

When some of his students,once approached him and requested him to allow them to celebrate his birthday, he said, “instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege, if 5th September is observed as Teachers’ day”. From then onwards, the 5th of September is observed as Teachers Day, in India.

Since year 1967, to till date, 5th September is observed as teacher’s day in India.

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